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Monday, August 20, 2012

Craft Show Planning and Packing Checklist!

So, you're getting ready to attend a craft show and you're thinking about what you have to pack. It can be a daunting task and the last thing you want to do is get to the show and remember some key element to your booth set up that you have forgotten.  It might seem obvious, but a check list can really save you a lot of trouble and heartache.  

This following list should not be considered exhaustive and many things are optional.  It should, however, give you a good starting point to create a checklist of your own.

Miscellaneous Tools and Supplies
  •          Scissors
  •          Pens
  •          Tape – scotch, masking, packing and maybe duct tape too
  •          String
  •          Safety pins
  •          Paper clips
  •          Clothespins
  •          Zip ties
  •         Trash bags
  •          Tools of your trade to demonstrate your craft
  •          Camera
  •          Dolly to carry your supplies to your booth
  •          Water
  •          Snacks
  •          Directions/contact info for the show
  •          Candy dish
  •          Breath mints
  •          First aid kit
  •          A friend – if you don’t want to leave your booth unattended while you go to the bathroom
  •          Mobile phone
Booth Decoration and Shop Information:
  •         Signs
  •         Brochures, catalog, marketing materials
  •         Business cards (a must)
  •         Discount coupons for your website
  •         Portfolio (optional, great to show people who might want a custom item or to a potential wholesale client)
  •         Display tables
  •         Table covers
  •         Additional fabric draping
  •         Risers
  •         Baskets
  •         Shelving
  •         Pegboard
  •         Chair or stool
  •         Backdrop
  •         Banner
  •         Lighting
  •         Mirror
  •      Trash bag
  •      Camera (you always want it when you forget it!)
  •          Bags
  •          Tissue or butcher paper for fragile items
  •          Gift wrap
  •          Ribbon
  •          Signs with prices
  •          Individually price each item using hang tags or stickers
  •          Calculator
  •          Cash box with change
  •          Credit card reader for your phone
  •          Receipt book
  •          Notebook to keep track of your expenses and sales
Other Recommendations
  • No radio or music of any kind (unless you're selling it) should be played at a show.
  • Keep cell phone calls down to a minimum- talk to your potential customers.
  • Fuel up the vehicle you will use the night before the show
  • Wear comfortable clothes for sitting and comfy shoes for standing
  • Layer your clothing - be sure you can remain as comfortable as possible with temperature changes.
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