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Monday, August 13, 2012

Craft Show Do's and Don'ts

DO NOT - Crowd your customers. Be sure to allow customers to browse unencumbered, but make it known you are ready to answer any questions or assist them in any way. Be pleasant, not pushy.

DO - Take the time to see what else is at the show.  That way when a customer asks you "do you know if anyone here is selling widgets" you will be able to tell them that you saw where someone in the next aisle over was selling widgets. Be helpful to your customers, even if that means you are sending them to another booth.  You never know when a customer in the widget booth is looking for your wares - and someone just told them where to find you!

DO NOT - Walk around asking other vendors about their sales. It is the same as asking how much money do you make at your job. It's tacky and a frowned upon.

DO - Introduce yourself to your booth neighbors.  Craft shows are like a little community, so go ahead and introduce yourself. You never know what you will learn from your booth neighbors, seasoned exhibitors can share many tips and suggestions to a new exhibitor.  also, you never know when you might just make a new friend.

DO NOT - Do not have high expectations for your first show. You will get a lot of comments such as "How cute", "Isn't that nice", or even "I can do that" and they can just walk away. But at the same time you will get some sales.  From those sales you can judge what is popular what isn't.  Some do really well on their first show and others don't. You will, however, learn a great deal from your first show and you can use what you learn to make subsequent shows even better!

DO -  Wear comfortable clothes and shoes.  You will likely be on your feet most of the day, so comfortable shoes are invaluable!

DO NOT - Poach customers.  Trying to lure customers out of your neighbors booth and into your own is not acceptable.  Allow customers to move through the show at their own pace.  Most exhibitors would not dream of poaching, but there are those who do, and one day you may be the victim of a customer poacher. It is important to remember not to allow this to make you angry (although you have the right to be).  Your anger will show on your face, and in your demeanor, and this will cause customers to avoid your booth.   If you are the victim of a 'poacher' do not react in front of the customers.  Let it go until there are no customers and then politely ask the other exhibitor to wait until customers have finished in your booth before trying to sweep them into theirs.  Tell them that you will be glad to suggest to customers as they leave your booth to take a look at (your neighbors booth).  Setting a good example like this may just teach the poacher how to be a good neighbor.  If it doesn't, at least you will know you did the neighborly thing.

DO – Be friendly and helpful.  Always be polite and courteous to your customers.  Every person that interacts with you or your business or hears about your business from another source is a potential customer.  You only get one chance to make a first impression on your customers so make sure that first impression is a good one!

DO NOT - Get discouraged. It may take 2-3 craft shows to really get the hang of them - but every craft show is a learning experience.

DO - Have fun! Craft shows are a lot of work but a lot of fun too.


I'm going to my first show next month as a vendor and this post and the last one you posted has been a big help. Thanks for posting I am sure it is useful to many more people than just myself. I'll be following your blog now! I love it!



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