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Friday, July 6, 2012

Gobza - Gobs of potential opportunity?

It's new and by invitation only.  Looks promising! Check it out.
So, there's this new website, called Gobza and according to the company This site "allows businesses large and small to post GobzaOffers 24/7/365. You control the deal. It’s free advertising! There are no limitations, no minimum requirements... You create as many deals as you want, when you want, as many times as you want."

They go on to explain how this benefits shoppers, too. Shoppers can search through offers for whatever they want - globally.

It costs nothing to join, but it is by invitation only.  What sounds great about it to me is the opportunity for any business to post offers.  This would be a very valuable tool for small business, especially handmade businesses trying to make it online.  Even more exciting is the fact that nonprofit organizations and charities can benefit by effortless fundraising. 
If this works as they claim it will, (and I have read it, it seems like a sound model to me, and since it is free to join, I don't see how it could fail really, it costs nothing to try it out.), it could really help kick start some online craft businesses.  I'm sure other businesses will see it from their own perspective, and of course, nonprofits using it for fundraising is great too, but my personal perspective is from the online crafting world - the potential benefit in that regard is what interests me.

As I mentioned, it is by invitation only, so if you are a craft person selling your wares, or a charity needing to fund raise, or any other business, or someone who just loves to shop - and you would like to get in and take a look at this new service, here's a link to the invitation so you can sign up right now.

Click Here To Go To Gobza Now.

I hope this is as beneficial to small businesses as I think it will be.  I guess time will tell!
Let me know what you think.


What a lovely idea! Too bad an address is required to sign up-being an at-home seller, I just don't feel comfortable putting my home address online. Maybe when they're a bit more popular, there will be better security in place?

I agree with you about the address. I have always had a PO box address for my business, so that takes care of the issue for me. If I did not have the PO box though, that would have been a concern for me as well. In that situation, I typically don't give a full address (leave parts blank, if possible) - sometimes it's not *required* and you can get away with it. I think this is worth watching - to see where they go with this and how it plays out.


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