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Monday, December 19, 2011

How To Make Christmas Crackers (BonBons)

Christmas crackers, or bon-bons, as they are also known, have long been a part of Christmas tradition in the United Kingdom and other Commonwealth countries.  Growing up in Australia Christmas Crackers have always been a part of Christmas.  Of course, like many things, the commercially produced crackers became more expensive over the years while the contents seemed to decrease each year.

I started to make my own crackers when I was about 12 and it became a bit of a tradition with my own family and friends for me to do so.  People preferred my hand made crackers to the commercially available variety.  The demand was such that for several years I used to make and sell them.

They are easy to make, and can be as fancy or as simple as you wish.  The only limit is your own imagination.   Use them just for fun or to wrap up small gifts.  Or use them as a place card for a dinner party by adding individual names to each cracker.

Let me show you the basic quick and easy way to make them.  Once you have the basics, you can modify your crackers any way you like!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Christmas: A time for carols, presents, good food… and high symbolism!

Christmas Crackers (see below post for more info)
The very word Christmas is rife with symbolic depth. ‘Christ’ itself is not, as many perhaps believe, part of Jesus’s name, but is rather a title given to him. It derives from the Greek ‘khristos’, meaning ‘anointed one’, and this word was used to translate the Hebrew word for messiah into the Greek language version of the Bible. The ‘mas’ is more obvious and simply means ‘mass’ – when we celebrate Christmas then, we are celebrating the mass of the messiah!

Not many of us really think of Christmas in these terms any more; the traditional, Christian meanings and symbols often make way for an international holiday where we exchange gifts, eat food and drink well.


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