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Friday, November 4, 2011

Art Up-cycled. Sculptures made from recycled materials

Recycling is a very creative art requiring imagination and skill.  Today's Five on Friday looks at up-cycled art sculpture.     In honor of one of our beloved furry friends we had to say goodbye to this week, are all the sculptures I have selected today are animals. Take a look at these amazing art sculptures all made with recycled materials.

Heather Jansch
Life-sized sculptures of horses from driftwood.

Andrew Chase
Metal sculptor specializing in mechanized animals from recycled objects.

Michelle Stitzlein
Moths made from items including car license plates, car parts, piano keys, broken china ware, tin cans, electric wire and bottle caps, etc.

Leo Seowell
His sculptures are mostly composed by plastic objects, metals and woods.

Yong Ho Ji
Korean artist who utilizes used tires and turns them  into recycled masterpieces.

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