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Friday, October 21, 2011

Five Beautiful Carved Burl Wood

Five on Friday today is...Burl wood!

Burl wood is a type of fast growing, abnormal growth found on some trees. Burl wood grows because the tree has experienced some sort of environmental stress or damage. This is often caused by either a fungal attack or an attack by insects. In order to celebrate this wonderfully beautiful and unique wood here are 5 things made from burl wood for Five on Friday.

1.Mulberry Crotch Burl Wood Bowl 799 Handmade

2. Australian Effusia Mallee Burl Wood Turning Carving bowl

3. Chinese Burl Wood Carving of Shoulao, 18th / 19th C.

4. Manzanita Burl Jewelry Box w/ Turquoise Inlay

5. Burl Wood Horse Sculptures

I hope you have enjoyed viewing these beautiful burl wood items as much as we did.


I love 'Water's Edge" with the horses. It's just stunning.


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