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Friday, September 16, 2011

Great Creative Spaces - Art Studios and Craft Rooms.

Five on Friday!

Looking for inspiration for creating your own art studio or craft room?
Check out these five wonderful rooms perhaps they will inspire you to create your own.

Here are five I liked...

Lainey Molin's Craft Room

Sawdust and Paper Scraps - Craft Room Tour

Dreamy Room to Get Your Art On!

Crafty Place to Create!

Check out Fran's Stamp Room!



Nice Post!

Now I have craft room envy! Before, I was just happy to have a craft room. So the wheels are turning: I want to put up cabinets, better lighting, rip up the carpet, and put up more shelves. Wow… I just seriously added to my to-do list.

At first, I only wanted to use my room to create and it was anti-negative energy all the time. I would not even watch a sad movie in my craft room. It is a sanctuary of happy motivating, inspiring, and creative thoughts. It is an escape in my home, just for me, where I can go to create until I was done. Then just shut the door and it would be ready and waiting for the next opportunity. Well, when I started back to school, I needed a place to study. So I hesitantly moved my computer and school bookings into my craft room. Now, I call my craft room my “Room of Requirement” and I actually even use the room to pay bills and watch sad movies. The energy adapts with me and it is still my area to create.

I hope everyone can find a room, closet, or cupboard that they can call their very own.


I know what you mean about craft room envy. If I could build a house, I would build it around a library, but off to one side of that, there would be my perfect craft room! :)

I've had it all perfectly planed in my head for most of my life. Now, to win the lotto to get that kind of money! Until then, I'll be thankful for the space I do have.


I love these spaces. So much so, that I'm going to have to pin them! Thanks so much for stopping my our little corner of the blogosphere and I appreciate the kinds words that you left. I sure do love sewing, and one of these rooms would make me REALLY think that I know what I'm doing!


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